Mo and Vanessa


Youth & Missions Directors

Mohit and Vanessa Kaushik are the youth directors and missions directors of Saybrook Community Church in Old Saybrook, Connecticut. They love meeting with the youth on Sunday mornings and creating a community with them to build relationship. are passionate to see the youth of this generation worshipping Yahweh with total abandon and following His guidance in every aspect of their lives. They have a desire to see the youth of Saybrook Community Church grow and mature in their relationship with the Lord and their trust in what He has for them. They want to see each youth’s individual gifts develop. Most of all, for them to know the depth of relationship they can have with Yahweh.

As mission directors they keep in contact with the missionaries that SCC support and become a go between for the church to know more about who they are and what they do. They are also excited about leading and organizing short term trips to help support ministries and missionaries.

Mohit and Vanessa are married and have four active boys. Mohit grew up in North India near the Himalayas in a Hindu family, but came to know the Lord when he was 18. Because of this, he has always been involved in and lead youth ministry and missions. He speaks five languages and wants to add to this. He has lived in the US for over a decade, being dragged here by his wife. He works in a bank and loves numbers and understanding finances and helping people in this capacity. He enjoys mountain biking and generally spending time with his boys in whatever they are interested in.

Vanessa grew up in the mountains in southern California. After moving to England and completing a missions training, she moved to India to teach English and met Mohit while they were working in the same mission organization. She has always had a passion for what God is doing with and through the youth and in the nations.