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Laurie Kadlecik

Head Usher


Laurie Kadlecik is the Head Usher at Saybrook Community Church. She is also on the Council of a global charitable foundation and is part of its Community Development Team.

Laurie worked many years in the retail grocery business. After an unplanned chain of events she now finds herself as a professional driver; specifically in the school bus division. This “temporary job” is in its 13th year as of 2022. She has the joy of interacting with children aged 3 to 18 years old every school day, and secretly prays in agreement with their God-given destinies. One day Laurie went to the Lord upset about how her co-workers were being treated. The Lord told her that she should get involved with the bus driver’s union. She agreed, but would not tell anyone she was running for a position. On the day of the elections she nominated herself.

Someone quickly seconded the nomination and she won the election, ending up as Union President for her bus yard. In this way she helps her fellow workers.

Laurie has been taking spiritual growth classes for 4 years and is currently in a class to learn about basic stock trading. She looks forward to daily learning more about our infinite God and has an insatiable hunger for obtaining more of His Wisdom and Knowledge. Soon she’ll be starting her own business and will hopefully become freer to do more of what God has for her in her life.

Laurie has lived most of her life in Connecticut. She is not currently married but has a son from a previous marriage, a lovely daughter-in-law, and an amazing grandson.

Laurie loves the great outdoors, cooking, working with children, swimming, gardening, reading, laughing, and spending time with good friends and family. She plays guitar and spent many years on a worship team. She loves music and singing.